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Paul Marto

Paul Marto

West Jordan, UT


Paul has been passionate about photography since the early 80's. Nature, wildlife and action shots are his favorites. He loves the challenge that arises from the unpredictability of his subjects when he is trying to capture the perfect wildlife moment. He is a native of California and has spent the last 28 years in Orange County. Mr. Marto grew up in Carmel Valley, so it is no surprise that he gravitated towards wildlife photography. Mountain bike riding, hiking, tennis and playing the electric guitar round out the list of pursuits for this UC San Diego graduate. He has a beautiful wife and two adorable children.

Paul's work has recently been highlighted by National Geographic, Bolsa Chica Conservancy, Sea & Sage Audubon Society, The Environmental Nature Center, The O.C. Register, Irvine World News,,, Irvine Valley College and Photo of the He is a recent winner in the City of Irvine 40th Anniversary Photo Contest and his works have won numerous on line photo contests as well. He is juried into a number of organizations including,, Artists of America, Gallery 104, and He is active within the Irvine Unified School District and gives presentations on wildlife photography.

"Through my photography, I am trying to bring awareness to the abundant collection of wildlife that cohabit the Orange County area. The more we know about these amazing animals and their requirements for survival, the better prepared we will be to live a peaceful coexistence with them. I strive to present brilliant photographs of these wonderful creatures, large and small, in a way that will both inspire and educate."

He is the February "Artist of the Month" at the Environmental Nature Center in Newport Beach, CA.
He is one of just 20 artists to be invited to participate in the 20th Anniversary Wildlife Show/Sale at the Fallbrook Art Center in May, 2013.
His 20 photo Waterfowl gallery recetly won the wildlife photo contest in January 2013.

To purchase his wildlife book or calendars please visit this link:

To book him for your next event please send an email to or call him at 801-599-2849.

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Pelican by Paul Marto


Jackal by Paul Marto


Coyote by Paul Marto


Western Tiger Swallowtail by Paul Marto


Juvenile White-Tailed Kite by Paul Marto


Osprey by Paul Marto


White-tailed Kite by Paul Marto


Costa's Hummingbird by Paul Marto


Great Horned Chick by Paul Marto


Steel Wool by Paul Marto


Feed Me by Paul Marto


Got Worms by Paul Marto


Lizard vs Cockroach by Paul Marto


Fireworks 9 by Paul Marto


Fireworks 8 by Paul Marto


Fireworks 6 by Paul Marto


Fireworks 7 by Paul Marto


Fireworks 5 by Paul Marto


Fireworks 4 by Paul Marto


Fireworks 3 by Paul Marto


Fireworks 1 by Paul Marto


Fireworks 2 by Paul Marto


Galaxy 768 by Paul Marto


Morning Drive by Paul Marto


Crazy Owl by Paul Marto


Black Chinned Hummingbird by Paul Marto


Lunchtime by Paul Marto


Stretch by Paul Marto


Annas Hummingbird by Paul Marto


Flowers by Paul Marto


Allen by Paul Marto


Hummers by Paul Marto


Northern Shovelers by Paul Marto


Bluebird in Flight by Paul Marto


Anna II by Paul Marto


Ruddy Duck by Paul Marto


Anna by Paul Marto


Crab by Paul Marto


Heron with Lightning Trout by Paul Marto


Great Blue Heron by Paul Marto


Grace Personified by Paul Marto


Hummer by Paul Marto


Spread Your Wings by Paul Marto


Vermillion Flycatcher by Paul Marto


Allen's Hummingbird by Paul Marto


Midnight Palm by Paul Marto


Sunset at San Joaquin by Paul Marto


Red Yellow Green by Paul Marto